Monday, March 17, 2008

A new Retribution Paladin! (again)

This blog originally started with me starting a Draenei Retirubion Paladin on the server of Draenor with my wife and her new found friends here in the great, green state of Washington.
Later, I quickly grew bored with being an uber nubcake with extra weaksauce and dropped $25 to transfer my level 60 Paladin over to Draenor.

I had many exciting times with Arcten on the journey to level 70, and most of them are documented here.

However, alas, I logged into the great World of Warcraft after a month-long hiatus last weekend and was very unimpressed and uninspired for whatever reason.
I really didn't feel like playing. The magical feeling of traversing Azeroth just didn't touch me the way it once did.

I was WoW'd out.

In response to this, having a few bucks in the bank, I went out and purchased a copy of Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa.

I was pleased to find the third-person MMORPG shooter (hey, a new genre!) to be something fresh, new and exciting. Overall, Tabula Rasa is a great change of pace from WoW, though it did take some getting used to the controls. This isn't to say that TabRas's controls are bad, just a bit different. It IS satisfying to hold down the left mouse button and pump rounds from a magnum pistol into an alien badguy.

But I digress.

So I had my little foray into Richard Garriott's world only to receive a phone call from my best friend in high school while playing it my second day.

I'm am pleased to find my friend alive and well and living in the local area. So he comes over, we kill a case of beer, and tells me he's been hard-core WoW'ing.

I say, "ORLY? I happen to know a thing or two about the World of Warcraft myself! What class are you playing?"

"Well", friend responds. "I've got a 70 mage and he's fun and all, but I just rolled an alt and got him to 50 over the past couple weeks, he's a Paladin..."

"ORLLLLLLYYYYYY" replies I (with added emphasis, duplicated here). "It just so happens that I'm a bit of a Paladin myself..."

And of course, the inevitable question that WoW players will always ask each other 99% of the time, upon making real human contact in real human life with a fellow WoW'er - "What server do you play on?"

"Horde, on Detheroc".

"Oooooh, that's a PvP server, isn't it?"

"It is, Horde runs that server!"

"Hmmmmm..." I ponder for a moment. I proceed to interrogate him about his guild, the character content of his guild mates, the possible future of raid progression, things of that nature.

To surmise; the conversation ends with me agreeing to roll a Belf Retadin on his server and display their awesome prowess at killing things and me vowing to show his guild how awesome Ret Paladins truly are.

Thus born is Hellhand, Blood Elf Paladin Retribution Paladin on Detheroc.

Let's see where this little adventure leads...